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Other Crescents, Other Moons

Mixed media including wood, cement and paint
440 x 240cm.

Other Crescents Other Moons is an exploration of memory, and the powerful desire to keep one’s interpretation of a particular place alive, transcending time and change. It depicts a continuum of islands of memories sharing the ground of a single abstract structure, a fragment of a seemingly infinite spiral rent from its larger self. 

As part of my practice, I evolve ‘mindscapes’ based on recollections of the people I interview. Often desolate and abstract, they distil the essence of the emotional, spiritual and/or mental associations attached to a given place. Subconsciously and inevitably, I weave my own vision onto them, thus bringing into question their ownership and origin. 

The viewer is invited to explore the nature of perception and reality, completing these personal tales and insights according to their own vision. Inspired by the story of Tower of Babel, this work epitomizes universal individualism, striking on psychological, cultural, social, religious and historical levels.

Other Crescents, Other Moons