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Places For Nova

Mixed media including Celotex, Idenden, wood, brick dust in corten steel vitrines
Six vitrines; dimensions variable.

Places for Nova, my first major public commission, is a site-specific installation which looks at the portability of landscapes, and the human mind as a vehicle that allows places to be carried in the memory from one location to another. As part of its development period, I invited people who live, work and travel through Victoria in Central London to donate a memory of a significant landscape that they no longer have access to. These reimagined places were brought together to create a series of universal “mindscapes.”

They are housed in six custom-designed corten steel vitrines that function as panoramic portals to alternative, hybrid worlds.

Centred around Westminster’s Sir Simon Milton Square and the pedestrian streets of Nova, they drew visitors through this new district on a journey of discovery and reflection.

The work, commissioned by Landsec for its ambitious new development at Victoria, was in place from March 2017 – March 2018.

Places For Nova Image